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Public nudity comes naturally to girls. As for Peeping Toms, we welcome Clothes on and off nude women wolfish leers and hidden longings. If a couple are strolling on the beach, she will walk in the sea holding her sandals, while he, in socks and shoes, sticks to the hard sand. When the Clothes on and off nude women reappears after its long winter in mourning, we want to feel the heat like a new lover kissing our bare skin. It is men who turn naked women into porn.

When Lady Godiva in the 11 th century rode naked through the Coventry in protest over increased taxes on the tenants of her own husband, the townspeople agreed not to look. Lady Godiva knew exactly what she was doing, her rebellion an extravagant display of public nudity revealing her slender young body while raised on a white horse — and all in a good cause.

Nude-selfies have made public nudity more widespread and acceptable. Girls know when they send nude-selfies to their boyfriends they are going to share them. Just as caterpillars become butterflies, girls go through a miraculous transformation that holds us spellbound before the looking glass.

Exposed, we see more than our naked self in the process of change, we catch a glimpse of our very soul, our body an emerging work of art some instinct urges us to display. Artists through history have been obsessed Clothes on and off nude women the nude, drawing on classical and biblical imagery, as if gilded youth and physical ease with public nudity belonged always to the far away past, not the real and censorious present.

British artists placed the nude out in the open, implying the benefits of fresh air, sun-bathing and exercise. The development of photography created a new demand for the nude, easily made prints blurring the boundaries between the real and imagined body and offering a new immediacy not possible in painting. That, of course, took no note of the 10 million viewers who may have approved of public nudity.

A car parked on the boulevard at night, a girl in my lap at a concert, hands under the white linen table cloth in a dark restaurant bathroom stalls are so rachet. Communing with nature has always been a prelude to that scenario for me. Is that just me? No, you are not alone. Perhaps a guest blog on that very subject — I would certainly welcome it. Chloe; You are such a babe! So Clothes on and off nude women, alert….

I love your writing, would love to hear you speak with that UK dialect…. I just took a self-administered Myer Briggs personality test, and the associated Jung compatability test. Neither Manchester nor Cockney, more Sloane Square with a tiny touch of my Canadian years now long forgotten.

Hi Chloe Great article and good insight. I have to say though its not just girls who love to get naked in public. I regularly go out naked and leave my clothes at home. There are lots of forests near me and love the feeling of being naked in nature.

I walk for miles in the forests on hot summer days. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Like my bog? Related Posts. Interesting times R Us. Interesting times are now. When Nudist family teen modter porn pic Continue reading Caravaggio was a drunkard, brawler, probably a murderer, definitely that… Continue reading Helen of Troy was the daughter of Zeus.

She married… Continue reading Xoxoxo Ingrid. Wonderful Chloe, Nice to greet you today. Thank you so much for sharing this. I like it. Have Naked old men with erections pleasant weekend.

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