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A spanking position is a position assumed by the spanker and the spankee that facilitates the spanking. Firstly, the spankee's buttocks are well-presented for the punishment, and there are two important aspects here - reach and view for good aimand to see the effect of the spanks. Secondly, a spanking position is often designed such that the spankee cannot move out of position easily unless permitted by the spanker. Thirdly, a good spanking position is comfortable for both the spankee and the spanker, does not obstruct breathingcirculationand minimizes the risk of injury from uncontrolled body movements.

There are many such positions, and each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The choice of position will influence the "feel" of the spanking for both the spanker and the spankee. As an often welcome side effect, Diaper position spank pics all spanking positions are also humbling or humiliating for the spankee to assume.

Many people have strong opinions as to which positions they personally like or dislike. The choice of position depends on many factors, including:. Restraining binding the spankee in the chosen spanking position, e. The reason why restraints are usually unnecessary is that either the spankee is generally cooperative or trained not to get out of position, or the position makes it physically difficult even for an uncooperative spankee to get out of when Nudes kate gosselin oops spanker just holds them in place.

The spankee may be placed in any one of these Diaper position spank pics, or one suited for the use of any spanking furniture. Diaper position spank pics mix of the diaper, underarm, and over one knee position. Upside down horsed position.

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