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This, of course, excludes your first Fucked til it hurts. I'm Fucked til it hurts for responses from you seasoned pros. If you're dry or the guy is huge, yeah, it can hurt. But that doesn't usually last because I mean unless you're being raped you're going to get wet and your muscles are going to give to the dick.

A friend of mine dated this guy when she did a semester abroad that was too big for her. Of course that just made me salivate, the thought of it. Too bad he was straight Fucked til it hurts on the other side of the planet. OP, No, it does not hurt at all.

R8 here - Fucked til it hurts way it hurts is in a good way. Calm down r7. Every week there is a question for the straight ladies.

I thought lesbians were supposed to be chill. Is the vag always wet or is it dry and then it makes its own juices when stimulated? Are the juices like precum?

I am so dry we have to keep a fire extinguisher by the bed cause my pussy is like kindling when my boyfriend's dick is all up in there.

My vagina is always wet. Even when I'm not having sex. When stimulated more juices flow. It's never totally dry but it definitely self-lubricates when stimulated. Yes, like pre-cum but much more of it. My vagina is always moist.

When stimulated It becomes much wetter. Like R17, I'm stimulated just in every day life. Kind of like how you can get a hard on anywhere, anytime. R8, you might be speaking for yourself, but you certainly aren't speaking for all women. It is not built to hurt in any way. Anyone who says it hurts is a total screwball. The vagina expands to accomodate any size of penis.

It can and does indeed hurt if a it's the first time ever, or the first time in a long time b the woman isn't very wet think of in the case of rape. The vagina does tear and it can hurt like hell. Plus, some women have a condition called vaginismus, which causes involuntary spasms that Fucked til it hurts make penetration very painful.

I have a small cyst on one of my ovaries, Fucked til it hurts it occasionally hurts the cyst dries up and comes back. I wish the BF would curve towards towards the good ovary, then it wouldn't hurt at all.

I suppose it's akin to Fucked til it hurts poking you repeatedly in the ball with the end of a flashlight very hard and fast. It is often uncomfortable for me. It used to hurt a lot and I even asked a doctor about it. It is better now but never really feels great. Hey [R5]! Thanks for the vid, but it looks like she's getting plowed in the pooper and not the vageen.

Anyone else agree? R20, poor little wimpy thing, can you read? R20 sounds like a mental Super smash bros hentai. Drew's radio show, that vaginismus occurs more often than you think. He usually attributes it to some molesting trauma during childhood, which sadly happens too Fucked til it hurts. So R25 and R If not, how pathetic that you would denegrate someone who is female and is trying to answer OP's question.

How much cock is too much cock for a woman's ladyparts? Will a vagina Fucked til it hurts to accommodate a 12 incher? Am I wrong to assume that there is a lot of "give"? Yes it can hurt. It can hurt a damn lot if you have a selfish lover who doesn't bother to get you ready. Unfortunately that happened to me A LOT when I was younger and had inexperienced, selfish, over eager bf's.

They would plunge right in with very little or no foreplay. Why do you think foreplay is so important to women? It's just moistkind of like your eyes are moist all the time, but you're not crying tears.

When you get turned on it gets wetter and makes everything smooth as silk. Jesus -- I can't even read through this crap. It did when I was young, and I did not enjoy any kind of penetration until I hit my mid-thirties. And not only am I a lesbian, but I'm a bottom in whatever way you wish to interpret that. And yes, I get fucking soggy wet. But I still can't take more than a finger. ONE finger. I don't give a fuck what anyone else has to say about it.

I have great sex. It can hurt a little when he's first pushing himself inside, but only until he gets it past a certain distance. But I actually like that feeling, when he's working it in, knowing that very soon he'll be totally inside me thrusting away. If he knows what he's doing, he'll slide it back and forth and gradually increase the distance.

I only experienced tearing once, when the guy Fucked til it hurts really thick. It hurt, Fucked til it hurts I was rather alarmed at the sight of the cuts. I was surprised that it didn't take longer to heal. Oh, it can also hurt if they're long Fucked til it hurts slam the whole dick inside you.

I had a guy do this to me who was 8 Fucked til it hurts a half inches. Why was rape even brought into this discussion? It was directed towards women who have been fucking for awhile. A long dick is lovely for aesthetic purposes but when it comes to physical sensation, girth is the more important measurement.

I have yet to encounter a dick that's too thick. It is huge fallacy that size does not matter. It didn't hurt the first time but then again I was on top and thus more in control Fucked til it hurts the action. I had a boyfriend who had a huge cock. In the Fucked til it hurts it was all good. He was huge though 10 inches minimum and thick and Fucked til it hurts surprised that I never complained.

Apparently, he was too thick and too long for some women. I was with a guy that was so huge that there was some discomfort as it felt like he was slamming against my ovaries or something. I wouldn't call it pain but it was discomfort. Sometimes it hurts when he first slides in, before the wetness has a chance to work itself around the place. R7 Fucked til it hurts R36, bi chicks exist. Younger women have issues with lubrication, too.

While R8 is correct that girth is usually not a problem but can be length is, ironically, a problem of compatibility.

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