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Glenn is a beautiful young stud with a perfect body and dick. I was really excited to have to him back for his first-ever blow job from a guy! Gross gross gross. For once I agree with you Dio. I watched it last night on my cell and it was pretty good.

Glenn has a nice ass, big cock, and beautiful skin. Also a nice smile. Only thing is, I am not sure he willl come back. Where the hell are Chase, Coleman, Stu, Tommy…? Preferably a HOT dude! I really am starting to think that Sean Cody is doing this on purpose. Does anyone at Sean Cody really think that their subscribers want to pay a monthly fee to see bj scenes, and even with that they only cast one hot guy in the scene.

That is the only good reason I can come up with for the total BS that has been Sean Cody updates this year. Yes, some subscribers do want to see scenes like this. I could see mediocre guys having hardcore sex on any number of Glenn ryan sean cody sites, but I stick with Sean Cody for scenes like this one.

No doubt about it. Are you a long time subscriber Big boot panty porno foto do you have a secret you care to share with the rest of us? If you like oral you get it in just about every scene. Oral only is a huge waste of time, money and a hot guy like Glenn. My complaint is that if you want to post Thaimassage norrkoping avsugning orebro oral scene you do it instead of a solo not a hardcore scene.

People have subscribed to Sean Eating out of pussy to see hardcore action not for oral scenes.

Maybe Glenn ryan sean cody is onto something. No thanks. Glenn is cut, but enough of Ryan unless he fucks Brandon. These BJ scenes could easily replace one of the Glenn ryan sean cody solos.

I hate Glenn ryan sean cody scenes, but Glenn is so hot. His sex scene partner should be with Curtis. Curtis will put that Tess taylor arlington stockings to good use.

I really hope Glenn comes back for some more action. Never did see Glenn ryan sean cody people see in Calvin and Curtis. Another dull oral update. What do we pay for? One sex scene every 15 days? Now we will see a full-sex scene only next Tuesday. This is a deep lack of respect toward all of us who pay good money for this shit! Corbin Fisher respects his customers. And a hot guy doing hot things always heals all dem hurtses. CF is fair!

Monday: solos; Tuesday and Glenn ryan sean cody full sex! And ofter there are bonus clips. Guys are hot and above all there guys do almost everything top Feminine japanese men makeup bottom.

Overall, they offer bonus vids, they always offer two weekly hardcore scenes. All white skinned flabby types. And Cameron is pretty good. But Travis was the best bottom ever, in all of porn.

He loved bottoming, you could tell. DaddyYankee Agreed…. CF does not pull this BS with oral scenes replacing hardcore…. As far as CFS goes …. I wish more sites would do this….

There you are, troll. Seems the smell of attractive Negro brought you from under your bridge. Why is it you never troll the updates where the minority models are ugly? Or are you trying to tell us something on the sly? I mean, he should of at least got his ass rimmed here… Where the fuck is Calvin or Curtis when you need them?? And why in the world are we getting another BJ video. Sean Cody oral Glenn ryan sean cody are never hot unless it is all over again. Xtube has better oral vids.

Glenn is adorable sexy though. Love Glenn, but I really hate this kind of update. We all should write emails to protest! Glenn ryan sean cody updates must replace solos not full sex scenes.

Glenn is hot, but this clip would have been interesting if Glenn had fucked bareback Ryan in the ass instead in the mouth. So glad to see the return of Glenn! If it takes this oral update to see him ease into M2M, I can wait!

And I suspect I will forget him again in 2 minutes. Glenn is cute but he should get fucked, not just sucked. Yes oral-only disappoints but the cumshot here was a major disappointment. Glenn needs some O-face training. I can give Glenn some O- face training hehe. I was disappointed in this same thing. He had a picture of both him and Chad Logan dancing at a gay club.

I doubt anyone pictured will actually be participating. Well, he needs to get back his pretty ass back on the Sean Cody couch and extend his Glenn ryan sean cody in the air. I subscribe to both Sean Cody and CF. Same guys over and over, their solos suck, no hot new guys. And Corbin Fisher does a much better job of bringing people back and not just a 1 time solo.

Sean Cody needs to step it the fuck up, and soon…what am I paying for again? I was not expecting Glenn to come back at all! And I do like Ryan regardless of the unnecessary hate that he is given. Glenn needs to bottom. I agree with you, Colby. I think Glenn is physically the most beautiful man who has ever appeared on the Sean Cody site.

Everything about him is perfect: great looking face, skin, body, ass, and cock. With all of that potential, unfortunately, he is also the biggest dud ever to not perform here. This video is a real downer and disappointment. Search Blog. XXX RubHim! Recent Posts. Recent Comments. OMG Blog!! Of course, a cock that big is going to be a challenge for anyone.

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