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Forum Rules. Login to Your Im watching my wife get fucked. Remember Me? Swinger Topics. Curious About Swinging? Page 1 of 5 1 2 3 4 5 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Thread: Why am I obsessed to see my wife fucked by other men? Hi everyone. I've being posting few thread on this website and I've got very good and solid answers so far.

It started when my wife and I talked about our fantasies and I discovered she had one since years before she even met me and never fulfilled it, never even talked to anyone about it : it's being a bad girl fucked by 2 to 5 guys at the same time. Her lover watching first 1 or few guys having her, the lover getting jealous and exited at the same time, until he can't stand it and has to Im watching my wife get fucked and fucks her like a whore in some kind of punishing action.

Then she is fucked like an object in all combination by me and everyone in the room or new guy s entering it. Very submissive fantasy. What real from the fantasy I don't Im watching my wife get fucked. But this thing as kept growing in my mind and imagination for years until becoming an obsession of finally seeing someone fucking her in front of me and with me.

It became a huge turn on since we talked and she told me she would like to try it in real life, even if she is scared that in real life it does not work for her. But she masturbate a lot about this and when we watch a porn it's always the group sex that makes her come right away. We are not going to start with a gangbang as totally newbies we'll do a MMF and see if the fantasy and the reality are matching the excitement? That's my BIG question today : I read a lot of things about cuckold and I don't feel at all attracted by any of that stuff.

I'm a very attractive guy, always been very successful with women, had many and gave them a lot of pleasure, I never had any trouble in bed, I can last too and I've actually quite a big cock almost to big for my wife. So why I want so much to see my wife fucked?! Her fantasy drives me crazy I don't know what to do anymore My wife is stunning she is a model she is for me the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and probably she is could it be the wish of living my nightmare 'all these guys trying to get her 20 times a day in the street, at work, anywhere she goes, as soon as I let her 1 Futa hypno mind control hentai alone' that becomes a huge turn on?

Let's see Starting slow, with a MMF instead of a full on gang bang is probably a good idea. As you say, see how both of you react to the reality as opposed to the fantasy. It is possible that this only works as fantasy. As for your "big Im watching my wife get fucked I can't tell you what's going on in your head, but I can tell you what goes on in mine.

Im watching my wife get fucked had exactly the same fantasy. I wanted to see my wife fucked like crazy by a bunch of guys. I wanted to watch and then take her like crazy.

We've made that fantasy a reality We started with an MMF and worked our way up to a gang bang. I've sat back and watched up to a dozen guys taking my wife, singly or in pairs, before fucking her myself We love it.

My wife loves it because she enjoys feeling multiple men touching her, teasing her and fucking her. I love it because I love watching. Im watching my wife get fucked wife is so beautiful and sexy I like seeing her body move, seeing the look on her face and hearing the sounds she makes while she is having sex.

I feel that I can't fully appreciate all that if I Im watching my wife get fucked caught up in my own reactions and sensations, so I love watching her with other guys. Also, I have a dominant side which complements her submissive side and I get a rush from saying "here, this is my wife but I'm letting you guys share her For me, yeah, there is a strong element of "all these guys want my wife All these guys can have her, oncebut she comes home with me.

Explore your fantasy. I hope you have as much fun with it as we do Ask whatever you like, here or message me directly. Lionheart you are making my day! If there were a cuckold experience I have to do, I'll be the guy fucking the wife in front of her cuckold submissive man without ANY hesitation.

I am Im watching my wife get fucked much not submissive and I don't need someone to Cosplay porn korra e katara my wife in a "better" way, we're having great sex together. I've been contacted by people calling themselves "bulls" I didn't know what it was I did some research and it's not at all what I look for.

I'm a bit dominant too, she is a submissive something natural grew and match there. I need a lot of tips I'm messaging you right away. I think its all about how secure you are with your relationship as to how well it will work out. For most of my Im watching my wife get fucked life 30 years I could not understand how anyone would want to see their wife getting fucked.

Then an event happened where any misgivings about her love for me vanished and with them came a desire to share Im watching my wife get fucked guy with her. The cuckold thing, that is for other people. We want to share the experience. We have shared the experience over and over and we love it. My Im watching my wife get fucked to you is to avoid it if you have any jealous feelings toward her.

They will probably be amplified several times over. But if not, you may be opening up yourself for the greatest sexual events of you life. I hope so! She would love to be the subject of several guys but so far I haven't found: 1: a small group of guys that I think deserve her talents as in guys 2: a small group of guys that are "up to it".

It'll happen withingbut it's a matter, to me, of finding a few of her fave MFM playmates and see if they are onboard with being part of a bit larger group than MFM. Originally Posted by junglecouple. Originally Posted by JandKinBoise. Originally Posted by Lionheart You know, in the many times my wife and I have done this, I have never felt either of us being judged as weak or a slut. Two comments First, the most difficult thing I ever tried to explain to my wife was why I enjoy watching her with other men.

Second, the word 'cuckold' is so often missued. This has nothing to do with being cuckold. Originally Posted by victoria'dreams. This is awesome. I want also the same thing happening to me after sharing my wife with a dude or more dudes. I want them to feel special and respect me. How do you do that? How did you do that, what's your secret?

You need to teach us who are afraid to look like a weak or cuckold one I wanted to watch my wife as we fucked from a different perspective.

As if I'm out of my body standing across the room. She refused to let me take videos. The more I dreamed about it I began to imagine other guys having sex with my wife. I'm not into the cuckold fantasy either but I'll admit that I dreamed about other guys seducing my wife in front of me and her submitting to them.

It took me a long time to talk her into trying it and when she did she loved it and I loved watching it! I'm hooked for life! The first time we were all in the bed together. Then I started getting off the bed and sitting in a chair in the corner of the room and watching from there.

Originally Posted by ViSexual. The cuckhold description doesn't sound like you so why identify with it? Can't you be the alpha male sharing his female with his lower placed pack? Cuckhold also has a lot of elements of humiliation for the beta male in it and again it doesn't sound like you. My advice is fuck often and enjoy it. Forget about the labels. It's just sex Tom here; I have no idea why i love seeing her with other men, i absolutely utterly love it to no end.

When i was a young teen i had a huge sex drive. So since then some of my fantasies were about seeing a girlfriend fuck someone else. Then when i was 20 i had a new girlfriend, she asked me what fantasies do i have, i said something like i dont think you'll like it, to which she responded in a kind of excited and surprised way "OMG do you want to see me fuck someone else?

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