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She couldn't believe what she had done. With the hot, scented water soothing her, it still seemed like a dream. She had actually exposed herself to Judy and Dave while watching them fuck.

She had been so embarrassed, yet she had never felt anything so good, so exciting. Dave had touched her tit, and Judy had finger fucked her! She had perched shamelessly on the arm of the couch, watching, her son fucking her daughter.

And she had come! She had come off stronger than at any other time in her life. Her cunt tingled beneath the water, the hairy pussy-lips seeming to contract still.

She felt as if her son's fingers had been imprinted on her skin. A shiver moved through her flesh. Joann giggled, a lewd sound, and she hugged herself tightly. She knew Judy and Dave were still messing around in the living room. They had begun touching each other as she struggled to her feet after falling from the couch. Joann had stood up, dazed, her dress caught above her ass, and walked slowly to the hallway, not believing what she had done. Judy and Dave had watched her, still smiling in triumph.

They had gazed at her long, teasing thighs, the tight fit of her panties on Lusty mom in her heels naked squatting rounded, shapely ass until she had disappeared from sight. Dave sat on the floor, with his sister still on the couch Judy had draped her legs over his shoulders, squeezing his head with her creamy thighs.

Dave leaned at the couch, his back Lusty mom in her heels naked squatting his sister. Judy pressed her still hot, still bubbling cunt against the back of his neck, rubbing slowly and running her fingers through his hair.

She's hot for my cock, Judy. You watched her, you saw how hot her cunt was. But I'm not gonna hold her for. I like the looks of her hairy cunt, and I bet it's Lusty mom in her heels naked squatting and wet. It looks hot and wet. He kissed his sister's cunt, licking lightly at the smooth, hairless lips. He moved Lusty mom in her heels naked squatting tongue up and down the slit, then swirled into the expanse of her crotch, tasting the sweetness.

He swirled his tongue about the inner surfaces of his sister's ass cheeks, tasting and feeling the smoothness, the heat. Judy closed her thighs about his neck, her heels locked at his back. She lifted her hips, swinging them, grinding into his face. His nose caught the wet scent of her fresh cunt, his tongue tasting the ring of her asshole. He liked it when Judy's asshole drew inward, then seemed to beckon his tongue. Judy made a soft whimper as he sucked her clitoris.

She lifted her hips, smashing her cunt at his mouth. She squeezed his head with her thighs, her blue eyes sparkling down at him. Judy saw her mother move into the room. Joann, finished with her bath, had gained some of her strength Lusty mom in her heels naked squatting. She had pulled a dress on after drying her body, but that was all she wore. Lusty mom in her heels naked squatting had thought long and hard in the tub, and decided she was being foolish, very foolish.

She could not let her feeling of embarrassment rule her life. There were those deep, demanding urges coming to the surface, crowding out everything else. She would not stop feeling ashamed or embarrassed completely for some time, she knew, but, now, part of her enjoyment came from feeling ashamed. Even being naked beneath her dress made her Vanessa blake nude pic gallery shame, and excitement.

She saw her son with his face buried into her daughter's cunt, and a warmth crept over her. She wanted to be like them. She wanted to let herself go, become wildly, fantastically, utterly shameless with erotic sensations.

She wanted to indulge in all those wicked things with them. She tried a tentative smile at her daughter. Dave twisted around between his sister's thighs to look at his mother. His lips and chin glistened with the juices of his sister's cunt.

Joann's breath caught in her throat as she Active adult community living texas the wetness on his face. Her eyes lowered to his cock. His prick was standing up in beautiful hardness, his cockhead swollen and smooth.

His balls dangled between his lifted knees. Her palms itched and her cunt seemed to swell. Dave cupped his balls, twisting his ass on the floor. Judy dangled her legs over his shoulders, and Dave moved her small foot to the head of his cock. He rubbed his sister's sole across the head of his prick, smearing her foot with the seeping fluids of his pin hole. Nice and hairy. I like it, Mom. I really like your pussy. Joann tried to grin, but the expression came out distorted.

She was so nervous, yet it felt good to show her naked cunt to them. She felt the heat between her thighs, felt her cunt responding to the way they looked at her. Her clitoris knotted, the pink tip protruding from the moist folds and curly hair. Her tits strained at the top of her dress, nipples outlined.

She trembled, but it was more with anticipation than shame now. Without being asked, Joann lowered the top of her dress, revealing the succulent tits. They were creamy and round, spaced wide with her light-brown nipples staining upward.

They were beautiful tits, firm and spongy. They were flawless in shape, almost three times the size of her daughter's titties. Although her face was bright pink with embarrassment, Joann felt wonderful about being looked at so hotly, so wantonly by her son and daughter.

It felt good to expose herself to them. She was pleased to see her son's cock jerk as he gazed at her. Dave slipped his sister's thighs off his shoulders, and, on his knees, he moved toward his mother. His eyes remained on her tits for a long time, then, as he came closer, lowered to her hairy cunt. Joann stared hungrily at his cock, watching his prick bob from side to side, standing almost straight up.

Dave stopped a foot from his mother, his face level Lusty mom in her heels naked squatting her cunt. Joann looked down at him, shaking with nervous anticipation. Judy, still on the couch, watched with fiery eyes, her legs opening and closing, her sugary cunt flashing, then biding only to flash again. She was holding her small tits, cupping them in her palms as she watched what her Lusty mom in her heels naked squatting was about to do with their mother.

There was no force in her words. They came out as soft pleadings, but Lusty mom in her heels naked squatting made no move to step away from him. When his hand touched her thighs, Joann sobbed softly. Dave caressed his mother's creamy thighs, feeling the smooth, exciting texture of her skin.

He ran his hands from her knees to her hips, then down again. He held her hips next. Joann murmured another protest as he moved them around her hips to her ass. The cheeks of hex ass tightened as he cupped them.

Dave pulled his mother's hips slowly toward his face. Dave buried his face into the thick hair of his mother's cunt, his eyes turned Lusty mom in her heels naked squatting, looking into her face. Joann gasped as he twisted his face against her cunt. His hands held her ass tightly as he pressed his face harder. Joann was crying, tears streaming from her eyes, down her cheeks. But she was crying not because she felt humiliated that her son was kissing at the mat of her cunt hair.

She was crying because it felt so good. Her cunt twitched and the pussy lips swelled, her clit protruding more than before, hard and pulsing with need. Dave's tongue darted and flicked at the tip of his mother's cunt. Joann whimpered, her hips shaking.

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