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Paying for may husband debt straight, slut wife Jyoti's sex story. We really got into fucking trouble Wife paying husband for sex the bar. And the result was that I had to pay up by being fucked by rascals. While drinking we thought we will get to the tables and play poker.

As it was not legal, we kept the account with the bouncer. For the first Wife paying husband for sex hour we won around rupees which was good. We started bidding higher and then kept losing. We lost track of the money we were losing and when it was midnight and it was time to leave we realized were down by rupees. We did not have it and pleaded that we would pay the next day as we could not get the money from our ATM balance. The two men who appeared to be from the north and called themselves Monty and sunny, insisted that they be paid the same day or we Wife paying husband for sex not leave.

They were ogling at me as I was dressed for the party. I had on tight leather pants with zips on sides and one behind. The front was flat. I had a short top which had a zip in between.

The two took us to a room inside and said, that we had to pay up or they would be forced to use force. Monty had a knife with him and said that he would not hesitate to sue it and my husband Rajiv would be cut. I pleaded with them to let us go, but they refused to agree, I said I would do anything but they should, let Rajiv go safely. This is when the nightmare started. Monty asked me to bring the zip of my top down. Now I had no bra inside and hesitated.

They said that I had agreed. In fact they had made us sign some papers on which it was written that we would do anything that asked. I brought it down slowly and was almost in treats as Rajiv kept yelling don't do it.

Sunny slapped him and asked me to keep going. Next, Monty came to me Wife paying husband for sex put his hands on my tits. He told sunny, they are great and that we should, move along. They told me that they woud, tie Rajiv here in the room and put a lock.

Once I came back, I could open it. So saying, they took me from the back door to a van outside. They threatened me that if I shouted, Rajiv would go. They dumped me in the van and drove on. I do not know where they went. Sunny was squeezing my tits and telling month, wait till we feel her fucking cunt. He kept saying his cock was waiting to ride.

I was wailing away. Suddenly the car stopped, and they took me out to some desolate building. They held me as they took me up the stairs, sunny was Allergy to partners sperm my ass and Monty was on my tits. As we reached a room, they lit their cigarettes, and asked me to dance Wife paying husband for sex kept on some music. It was the hindi song, Jilebi bai. Monty opened his fly and his cock came out and kept dancing with me with the knife in his hand.

Sunny asked me to unzip my top which I did, next he asked me to take it out which I did. I was hoping this agony would end. Sunny then asked me to keep dancing. He said, this cunt has such a sexy ass. He came from behind and whacked me. It hurt. Soon Monty was holding means kissing me on my lips and squeezing my boobs. Next sunny cam from the back and unzipped my pants from behind and then the side.

As they were tight fitting, they did not come down easily. With Wife paying husband for sex knife Monty sliced it open and I was in my panties. Monty thrust his finger near Bath after vaginal hysterectomy cunt Wife paying husband for sex I was wet.

This choot is wet. Come on let us fuck her now. So saying he cut up my panty and I was nude. Both of them were pawing me and I felt this great orgasm. This cunt is enjoying it they said as I was writing my ass with the orgasm.

Soon Monty made me bend towards the wall and thrust his cock in my cock and hammered me inside. I screamed as he also kept squeezing my boobs. As I cried, the organs was too good. Soon sunny said, it was his turn to give me a drink, and made me bend and take his cock in his mouth. Next he was ramming inside my mouth and Monty from the back was hammering my cunt. The feeling was too much as I was moving with them. Soon sunny burst in my mouth and he made me swallow his cum.

Monty cam inside my Wife paying husband for sex and I could feel his cum run down. They spanked me hard on my face and ass and said, you were great you fucking slut. Now let us reverse. Monty took my mouth and sunny my cunt and soon I was drinking his cum. After they finished, they brought some old clothes.

A dirty pair of housings and a t shirt and asked me to wear it on, they said they would drop me back and we had to pay the the next day failing which they would come home and fuck me again.

I went back and freed Rajiv and told Reno strip club reviews what happened. He was surprisingly not that shocked. Later I found out that this bastard had promised these two people, who were his friends from the past that he would let them fuck me and created this scene. He had me dress like a slut and had followed us and filmed the entire gang fuck, A real fucking bastard.

I divorced him the next day. Comments require registration Sign up or just Sign in! Jyoti's sex story got views and 15 likes.

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