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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript Worried about pregnant woman giving birth your browser before proceeding. My cat is very pregnant but hasn't given birth! Thread starter kitcat Start Date Jun 29, Worried about pregnant woman giving birth Joined Jun 29, Messages 30 Reaction score 1. I'm very worried about my pregnant cat. It feels like she had been pregnant for forever and she hasn't given birth. I have been able to see the babies moving and feel them for about two weeks.

Today they are moving like crazy and my cat seems Worried about pregnant woman giving birth sleepy and affectionate. I have no idea how far along she is because she was a stray when I took her in. StefanZ Advisor Staff Member. She seems to be well done already.

Its very good, IF you worry, you shall know, cats manage a little too long pregnancies better than humans. While kittens manage early delivery much worse than human babies. Max on week, probably shorter. Rub her belly if she wants and allows, it is Worried about pregnant woman giving birth a good massage, and also, helps the hormones flowing Good luck! She loves her belly rubbed and will even roll over to let me rub her belly.

She has been sleeping and eating small amounts of food and the kittens in her tummy are going wild. She is my first cat and I didn't even know if was a female until she started getting fat and her nipples started getting huge. I'm worried because when I found her she was soaked in gasoline and beaten pretty badly so I'm scared of complications.

So I just noticed that she has some brown mucus coming out of her back end. Is that normal? Sarthur2 Cat lady extraordinaire Staff Member. Yes, it's normal pre-labor discharge. It means her body is gearing up for the labor and delivery process soon. Did she lick it away? Yeah she keeps licking herself. She hasn't given birth yet and hasn't shown any signs except have brown discharge.

K kitcat Discharge is a pre-labor sign! Keep us posted as she progresses. Still no signs of kittens but she had been extra lethargic and acting a little funny since yesterday. She still has a little discharge but other than that seems normal. Ok my cat is being really affectionate to me but attacking other people today.

She is also licking and grooming a lot, is that a sign of labor. Joined Feb 23, Messages Reaction score It is indeed. It could still be awhile yet. That's cute though. She's protecting you, and expects you to protect her during the birth. She's sucking up to you. Last edited: Jul 1, I also don't see any babies moving, is that normal before birth? It can be. The move from the sides, to a lower position before birth. Do her sides seem a little slimmer?

Joined Jul 1, Messages 60 Reaction score 5. How are you getting on now? Our kitty is in labour but it's all happening slowly and taking its time.

She's had me up all night. She needs mE to be right beside her. Still no kittens, but she has been very affectionate and even will cuddle with me. Today I found her in a few boxes, so hopefully kittens come soon.

What I've found helps is putting something down on the bed and placing her birthing box on it then laying down with your girl and watching a movie or just relaxing. Rubbing her belly and being very Worried about pregnant woman giving birth. Showing her your right there and that your attention is on her. Yes, put her in your bedroom with you and try to get some sleep. She'll let you know when she needs you.

Ok so my cat is purring a lot and won't get off my lap. She is on her Worried about pregnant woman giving birth and her stomach is making that's weird little jolts.

She is my first cat and we have a great bond, so is she expecting to give birth on my lap? Every time I try taking her off my lap and setting her down she is immediately on my lap again. Is there a way I Worried about pregnant woman giving birth make it so she uses the birthing box? You must log in or register to reply here.

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