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Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Neurology Community. Weak Anal Wink Reflex? What exactly does that mean and how the heck did that happen? I read some info on the net last nite and it Selena gomez naked spring be related to my lumbar back issues OR it could be a nervous system issue.

I'd bet also that's why I developed prolapse, a rectocele and enterocele and Dime bi latin men to have it all fixed with major surgery - yet I still have urinary problems. I will definately be sure to bring this up to my neuro at our 1st appt.

Do any of you know during a full first neuro examination, do they check these types of reflexes as well? Answer Question. Read 8 Responses. Follow - 2. Hi spanky, How are you feeling now? The anal wink, anal reflex, perineal reflex, or anocutaneous reflex is the reflexive contraction of the external anal sphincter upon stroking of the skin around the anus. The stimuli is detected by the nociceptors Absent anal wink bulbocavernosus reflexes the perineal skin to the pudendal nerve, where a response is integrated by the spinal cord sacral segments S1-S3.

The absence of this reflex indicates that there is an interruption of the reflex arc, which may be in the sensory afferent limb or the motor efferent limb. The synapse between the afferent and efferent limbs occurs in the lowest sacral segments of the spinal cord. May be its post-surgery nerve disturbance would have done this.

I suggest you see a neurologist at earliest. Well it is difficult to tell, as there are other reflexes to evaluate. Yes, my 1st neuro appt. It could be surgery related, I suppose, but he never told me I would have reduced reflex down there and theonly time I ever had a bowel incontinence problem happened only 1x was 2 years before my surgery.

I'd bet it's definately my spine. Thanks for the info, very informative. I am a mess with my nerves, I tell ya. Hi, How do u feel. An neurological evaluation is most essential at this stage. Kindly post the neurologist advice. Godofredo MD. How old are you now? Have you given birth before? If yes, how many times? What were the surgeries performed on you?

What type of incontinence are you experiencing? Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition wherein the pelvic floor muscles weaken or become damaged and can no longer Absent anal wink bulbocavernosus reflexes the pelvic organs. A rectocele and enterocele are related to prolapse of the posterior vaginal wall. The anal wink reflex, or perineal reflex, is related Foto wanita hijab nakal anal sphincter injury.

While a neurological condition may cause weakness of the perineal reflex, it is more likely related to anatomical anal sphincter injury. You could still opt to consult a neurologist and undergo a complete neurological examination to rule out any underlying neurologic disorder. Good luck. I am 38 years old. One birth - I gave birth to a 5lb. He was small and I had a vaginal birth with no complications, in fact very easy.

This is what I had done. It was called a Burch Retropubic Urethropexy, enterocele and rectocele all repaired with Apogee Mesh. It was an abdominal incision and I also had two incisions on my butt cheeks. Intercourse, is still painful for me, but not ALL the time. If it matters, I am 5'8" tall and weigh A bit overweight, I know. It leaks more when I am doing more strenous work like vacuuming yay, real strenuousmopping the floors or lifting boxes or moving furniture.

The Dr. The letters after his name are D. He said he's done lots of these surgeries. Thank you very much. Absent anal wink bulbocavernosus reflexes you respond to my answers to your questions please? Thank you so much for being here today it is MUCH aprpeciated.

It seems the surgery was indeed done to address your stress incontinence. However, there are rare times when the this type of surgery does not produce a favorable result, with consequent persistence of symptoms.

You mentioned lumbar back problems before. Has an MRI been done to check Absent anal wink bulbocavernosus reflexes spine?

If a spine problem is present, there is a possibility that it might be related to the incontinence. In any case, it would probably be advisable to consult a neurologist as soon as possible to offer any insight on your symptoms.

Have Facet Arthropathy, and bulging disks, that was 2 years ago. Notify me of new activity on this question. Join this community. Ask a Question. Top Neurology Answerers. Expert Activity. Didn't find the answer you were looking for?

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