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Stephen Amell is playing a Queen. Oliver Queento be precise, in the new CW action series Arrow. Be warned, the Queen jokes are going to be coming much too easily. Based on the popular DC Comics character, Amell plays And stephen amell queer as folk billionaire playboy who had been written off as dead but returns very much alive with not only a jaw-dropping torso but with mystery shrouding what happened on the island where he had been living for five years.

What we do know is that instead of all-night clubbing and partying he once indulged in, Queen is now focused on fighting crime some possibly within his own family and, bow and arrow in hand, dons a costume to become Arrow. Arrow kicks off October 10th and was co-developed by out producer Greg Berlanti.

Our chat began with Amell talking first about his very keen awareness of our Morning Meme …. AE: Nice! SA: First job ever. AE: Was it really? SA: Yeah. I had been acting for four months.

Amell played Adam during season 1 SA: At first it was a horrible experience because we had a terrible director.

They fired him. They brought on a really great guy. Then the following year they wanted to And stephen amell queer as folk the Adam character…he obviously was not straight any more.

So they cast Jon Fleming. Damn you, HBO! And stephen amell queer as folk No. AE: What was the number one appeal of And stephen amell queer as folk Arrow?

SA: Playing a superhero on TV. For sure. I always wanted to play a villain, but then I read the pilot and the pilot is unflinching. I mean, I kill a guy with my bare hands. When I read the pilot I had a picture of it in my head, and it was exactly as I wanted it to be. Then when I spoke with the producers and the director and I asked them what their vision was, the two synched up perfectly. So then I got really excited. AE: Would you say with a show like this sometimes the line between good and evil is not really that far apart?

When does this show start again? October 10th! SA: Getting into Parkour and all that free running business…that was pretty cool because you take lessons at that and try new things. And then the And stephen amell queer as folk day you hurt. AE: Now, the one thing that we see you do in the pilot… SA: …the salmon ladder. AE: Is that something you had done before?

When I got this part, it was training for a purpose. But I did have a chin-up bar in my house so I was good at chin-ups. You have to move your body, then react back and go.

It looks harder than it is, which is good. Do you know if the writers are they planning any gay characters or storylines? Maybe BOTH! SA: They should do that…not for spectacle or for viewership, but just because. AE: It seems like mainstream comic books kind of steer away from that. A mainstream character just came out of the closet. Green Lantern, will be revealed to be gay. But we can have gay villains and gay heroines on Arrow. Is there going to be some humor in the show?

But in terms of lightening up…we had 17 days to shoot the pilot. We have eight days to shoot subsequent episodes. Now, what that has forced up into is a show that even I think breaks away from being a rigidly set up, immaculately lit show. It makes it a little bit grainier and a little bit more frenetic. We had to do a lot of Steadicam stuff, a lot of single shot stuff and that creates real moments. We set up these squibs, that are sort of these explosives that look like a bullet hitting a wall and then exploding out.

We were shooting a scene And stephen amell queer as folk on Friday night. I was running through. I got blasted in the face with one of them. I got a bunch of stuff in my eye. And it creates a real moment. So I love the second episode. But having a big vocabulary and being good at Scrabble are not the same thing. AE: Guilty food pleasure that you just have a really hard time saying no to?

SA: The almonds, nut cluster guys. I love those. I have found some gluten-and dairy-free ice cream that I can get after. The Backlot. Jim Halterman. NewNowNext about archive. About Logo Press. All rights reserved.

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