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Its weird how when a woman speaks about why she cheats or cheated all other women accuse her of justifying cheating. Not one sits down to look at the contributing factors that led you from saying I do to your husband to saying yes please to another man.

With us, instead of advising you all they are good at is bashing you for trying to get a bit of freedom back into your life. Women hate other women in such a way that even if they see your reason as long as you have breast like them you are some sort of witch which must be vilified.

We love downfalls more than anything else when it comes to other women. I am not being cynical. If a girl fixes her hair better than how you did yours, yes you will compliment her but tell yourself it will probably look better on you. This therefore means when it comes to cheating usually you have no one to ask or dissuade you without fear of being judged and gossiped about by your confidante. It would be nice to ask another cheating wife how the hell they got into that space and how to avoid temptation.

With that said much as I loved Andiswa and all her theories on life and relationships she was out of her depth here. It almost felt as though they knew what I was going through. With women when we are in a group we all hate mistresses and cheats. We are vehemently opposed to them Cheating wives in lebu in discussions we wish such women the worst. Advaita spoke the most. She was an Indian woman from Ixopo who was usually very vocal about such things.

She was not your typical sari clad indian but more of these modern ones and dated white guys as well. It was very interesting hearing her views because stereotypically you would expect her to hid behind culture and traditions. However she was more of the view that whilst divorce was a means of last resort if he cheats first time Cheating wives in lebu forgive him, second time you make him suffer for it and third time is when you consider divorce.

She kept on emphasizing that once you have a family your first resort should never be to pack your bags and leave. They were of the opinion if it cheats it must walk. Is that not the view though of most of these young professionals who now because they have a degree and a car they think they know more about marriage and tradition.

Through Cheating wives in lebu and thin means very little now to these new young professional for if the going gets tough dump each other and go looking for greener pastures.

Advaita had been married now for eight years and she seemed to know about the pressures of marriage. The woman had theories for days and she seemed quite open to talk about it. We all knew when her husband was in trouble because she would vent it out but what I noticed is that she never ever spoke about any other people.

I knew people confided in her so that means she must be very discreet. Every office has an agony aunt I guess she was ours. I was not really close to her but I really needed help and some solid advice. I cornered her at the end of lunch when all the other ladies stood up to leave. She laughed at me but in a supportive way the moment she knew what this was. She told me that she always thought I was so settled and happy but I told her that when you are married that, that is the Cheating wives in lebu you portray to the world so as not to be shamed.

I told that my case was different because my husband was neither cheating nor abusive though he was never present. Most women cheat Cheating wives in lebu of the neglect and emotional unavailability of their partners. The thrill of Cheating wives in lebu one night stand is that you can do whatever you want with it and spit it out when you are done but a husband you have to nurse love and care for him even when you Cheating wives in lebu he does Cheating wives in lebu deserve it!

No relationship is black and white, there is always a shade of grey you Cheating wives in lebu have to manage. My marriage was important I need to spend as much time as possible with my husband she reminded Cheating wives in lebu. She said we would speak later as lunch was over. Now that we had a new project Cheating wives in lebu our own, Cindy and I were moved from a cubicle to an office.

On my way there I had to stop by a friends to pick up her baby showers invitation. She had been trying to get me for a while but for some reason we kept missing each other. And yes, the baby daddy bailed the moment she got pregnant so she was yet another statistic. Yay, lucky me for being married! Is it cheating if when you fantasize it is not about your own partner but another man or woman?

I am afraid people will start noticing or worse he will notice. What do you advise Mike? Pls ask your readers. Time flies really fast I must say. We would like to do a christmas drive. We would like to collect as many things as possible for different charities. It can be anything from clothes to sweets, bricks to toys absolutely anything. We will package Cheating wives in lebu accordingly and find them a destination this christmas.

You can Cheating wives in lebu charities that you have in mind to receive these donations. Please give with your hearts Christmas is just around the corner and remember is anything and everything. Interesting story but when are we getting more posts? Its been on chapter 6 for a while.

This sound like its going to be one of my best of your writing………close to home most marriages n relationships are going through this thanks mike!!! Nice one Mikey, thank you. Can we please continue with the next series of Thandeka? Mikey, we are suffering from serious withdrawals here. As much as we are enjoying these two diaries, they are a far cry from ZuluGirl. Please put us out of our collective misery and continue with Zulu girl. Thank you again for a nice chapter. His miss bee, in Setswana we say…o ntsetse mafoko…they bore me to death.

In all relationships r different n I bet both parties shud atleast want it to work. But if its only one person always holding the fort, its all but a sham. I believe opportunities always present themselves to both men n women.

However, if we miss de picture of why we married. Den those opportunities will break tht marriage. Thank you Mike for a good read, I Cheating wives in lebu miss Thandeka too hey, hope part 2 is coming soon so we can really findout what happened after. Mike please give us more action.

We want action man! Come on! Eish Mfundo…makes difficult 2 resist temptation really Lebza its not cheating ur jst fantasising about da,ur panties ar nt on da floor wit Cheating wives in lebu legs wide open 4 him 2 enter u and hit da g-spot,its a healthy infatuation,ur nt doing anythng about it…think of him as an actor frm tv that u cn hav crazy dreams about bt u knw very well the chances of Cheating wives in lebu 2 evr getting it on ar 1 in a million… Dnt lead him on act normal around da guy no 1 will notice,ur jst admiring a fine brother dats all!

These two long paragraphs were really not necessary. You write too much unnecessary things now. Writers block perhaps? The first paragraph was Lebo justifying once again her cheating on her husband… ufuna i-adrenaline rush? And if you want to cheat just cheat Fratmen micky ajay twins usnika i-explanation ende apha.

Lebo i dont wanna judge shem, i have no idea how to go about advising on this one…. Still Cheating wives in lebu for this story to get warm, its still cold. By the way wrong knows no gender, male or female cheating is wrong period.

Lebohang, its still a fantasy and only you can make it a reality. Its up to you really. Say you make a move and he turns out to not A, like you back or B, you get turned off then what? I just think ufuna ukuganga nje ngestayela. If you believe in God, I suggest you start talking to him on a regular basis. Emotionally you are attracted to somebody else and you even crave him. LEBO I dnt thnk dats cheatin hey coz nami I do fantasise about my crush n well, my bf is like never present n he dsnt hve enough time 2 b wit me n he dsnt xpress himself bt he xpects me 2 open up n share evrythn dats happenin in my life 4 him 2 understand wat I go through, so u cnt alwayz fantasize about sme1 like dat.

Or even wondered if you and your bf are on the same page? STOP it its not worth it. Lebo my dear, that is cheating Cheating wives in lebu you husband knows about. I always say, if you do something you do not want your partner to know about, then my friend that Cheating wives in lebu cheating.

I agree with one of de ppl commented here Action plz not dis long long history dats not taking us anywhere and another think Diary of a Zulugal is on pose na? Ana I support you on that note. This is waaay too common Mike. Thandeka needs to come back… Seriously. The excitement of reading your blog is slowly dying out. To Lebo, in dis world its nt cheating at all, bt if u r more spiritual. Den u need a prayer bcz de bible says by looking de other man in Cheating wives in lebu case women in a lastfull way, den u hv already committed a sin.

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