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Report Abuse. Contact Us. Hole next to vagina Type Hole next to vagina Type Hole next to vagina Prevention. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Women's Health Community. Additional vaginal opening prinstef. My concern is as crazy as the title suggests. I have recently noticed that I have an extra vaginal opening down there. Not real sure what is going on and I was unable to find anything remotely related on any type of website.

It is a very small opening just above the vagina. Any ideas??? Answer Question. Read 21 Responses. Follow - 2. Yes, it is the uretha, where the potty comes out.

Is it on the perineum or in the vagina? I honestly don't have any ideas. It is about the size of the urethra. You Hole next to vagina draw a straight line - urethra, unknown opening, vagina, anus.

Four openings total. That's why I said it was crazy. Thus my concerns about this matter. I'm not sure how long it has been there, although I just had an annual in December and the Dr.

I still am not sure, if I run Hole next to vagina anything I'll give you the website. All of us are very unique and made with differences. I'm sure it's something benign. Sorry about the other comment. We have had a lot of children playing around on the site lately and maybe she thought this was one. Take care, tmv. I'm sorry, I wasn't not taking you seriously You didn't state that there was a total of 4 openings, and some women actually do NOT know that there are 3. Has your Dr.

Do you know how long it has been there? It's a little understandable for a man who has not had any up close and personal time with a woman's genital region or who has not checked out a medical book to be ignorant regarding female anatomy. Afterall, they use the same hole for urinating and sex;it would make sense that women do too. It is a completely different story when it is a woman or girl who thinks they urinate through their vagina.

I have met more that a few who thought this. Some didn't believe me that there were three openings this was pre-internet. What convinced them was when I asked them how it was possible to urinate with a tampon inserted. There is something similar to this, I don't remember what it is called but a woman can have technically 2 vaginas, a wall is formed inside the vagina that separates the 2 side of the vagina. Some women even have 2 or more uteruses sp and cervixes Redhead porn movies free. I've seen diagrams of girls that have 2 complete reproductive systems, a vagina that leads to it's own cervix that leads to its own uterus and then a second vagina that also leads to it's own cervix and uterus.

This is not usually discovered until pregnancy or if there are issues into teenhood. So it's possible. Are the 2 'vaginal' openings right next to each other? I once read a story in Readers' Digest about Hole next to vagina syndrome.

The woman was pregnant. She got pregnant in one uterus, then, while still pregnant, got pregnant in her other uterus. Her babies were born about four months apart.

She only found out about the situation when she had her 20 week ultrasound for her first pregnancy. The openings are called fistulas. But, if I understood it is anterior to Hole next to vagina urinary meatus.

Hole next to vagina back when in nursing school, I remember learning about catherization in women that if you inserted the catheter Hole next to vagina did not get urine we had to leave that catheter in place and insert a new one into the other opening.

I think that some women just have a malformation or some type of fistula there. I'd have it looked at during the next exam, but it should be ok if nothing is leaking out of it.

I just wanted to add that this site is so great! It's so good to all give their comments and put our heads together to help each other! This is gross and probably won't help you, but how far does it actually go?

Like is it just a pit or does it go up a ways like the vagina? I'm Hole next to vagina out of curiosity mostly. Just trying to understand Hole next to vagina type of "hole" it is? I am very suprised a doctor hasn't said something. If a doctor hasn't mentioned it, it may just be something benign and nothing worth even mentioning, like a birth mark. We are all different. I would be very curious about it if I found it on me, though.

I would be asking lots of questions, too! I appologize for my lack of knowledge Do women Hole next to vagina know, silly question It's called a uterus didelphys, possibly including a septate vagina. And yes, it means you can have two completely Hole next to vagina uteruses. I too was born with two openings in my vagina. The first time it was noticed by a doctor was on my first pap test and I remember telling the doctor he put the speculum in the wrong hole and he looked at me as though I ws crazy.

As a teen I noticed it while trying to use a tampon. It was caused by medications that my mother took while she was pregnant with me. I don't havve two uteruses though.

Hope this helps.! This is "crazy" in a good way. I am glad I'm not the only one. A few years ago I noticed that when I put a tampon in I would still Natural busty milf nude Hole next to vagina outside the area.

About 5 times as an adult I actually have two tampons in at one time. I felt weird because I didn't know it was there. I know that sounds gross.

How do you think I felt. I asked my boyfriend to look, because obviously I couldn't. I was right there are 2 openings. I'm definately going to do more research on this. Thanks everyone for their comments. OMG, Hole next to vagina just noticed that I have two openings too! I was a little itchy and decided to take a look I've never seen it before and no doc has ever said anything. I'm freakin out! I'm 32 and just has my second child 6 months ago Gonna call the doctor STAT!

Did you ever find anything out? Just to clarify normal anatomy for anyone who may be curious: A woman has three key areas in her vagina which could be considered "openings. There should also be one in the middle, between the clitoris and the vaginal opening. This is the urethra. The vaginal opening is the Hole next to vagina to the birth canal. It is also the place where tampons etc may be inserted.

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