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In27 percent of adults aged 65 and older belonged to a social network, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Now, the number is 35 percent and is continuing to show an upward trend. Credit: iStockphoto. Young people have been Older adults using facebook Facebook as a way to stay connected for more than a decade. As reported in the study published in the journal Computers in Human Behaviorthe desire to stay connected to family and keep in touch Older adults using facebook old friends—social bonding—is the best predictor of Facebook adoption and use, followed closely by the desire to find and communicate with like-minded people—social bridging.

There are other things that motivate older users, Jung says. Older adults who are motivated Older adults using facebook social bonding and curiosity tend to use Facebook as a form of social surveillance, says S. They want to see how their kids are doing and, especially, what their grandkids are doing.

Seniors were not motivated to actively participate on Facebook when family and friends prod them to use the site. Older adults also tend to use Facebook features that their younger counterparts favor, Jung says.

The researchers suggest that designers of social media sites should emphasize simple and convenient interface tools to attract older adult users and motivate them to stay on the site longer. Seniors in the study visited Facebook 2. Developers may be interested in creating tools for seniors because that age group is the fastest growing demographic among social media users. Despite the growing importance, little research has been published on what motivates older adults to use social networking sites.

For the study, researchers conducted an online survey with adults whose ages ranged from 60 Older adults using facebook A total of —or Source: Penn State.

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