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Sign In. High Life Hide Spoilers. Deathstryke 3 June Watching 'High Life' was like traipsing through a post-modern art exhibit. You know the type of thing. Long black corridors lit with neon strip lights, illuminating grainy images of naked people masturbating with fruit. The kind of art that illicits raised eyebrows, wrinkled noses and puzzled tilts of the head before you shuffle off to the next monstrosity.

I'm a sucker for cool visuals, and the unusual premise about death row inmates who agree to take part in a space mission in exchange for their lives had, I thought, potential. Unfortunately there was precious little The erotic review fake reviews le to absorb from the full minutes that we don't already see in the 2 minute trailer.

Aside from some haunting, austere visuals and a tense, oppressive atmosphere, there is absolutely nothing to engage with. The plot is little more than a loose thread from which the director hangs a series of vague and 'provocative' brain farts about human sexual impulse, violence and reproduction. The catalytic character in all of this is Juliette Binoche's Dibs, The erotic review fake reviews le over-sexed scientist who seems bafflingly preoccupied with harvesting the semen of the male crew members and inseminating one of the younger females to achieve a perfect viable fetus.

Why, is never clear. We don't know if this was a mission given to her by the space program, or a twisted personal obsession.

It does, however, set up some bizarre, grotesque set pieces involving sleep rape and a turkey baster. Another conceit in all of this nonsense, is that none of the crew are permitted to have sex with one another and must instead relieve their frustrations in a specialized masturbation chamber, introduced with an indulgent scene of Dibs riding a mechanical dildo while ominous synth chords rumble in the background.

It feels so incongruous and artificial that it becomes impossible to take any of it seriously and whatever subtext or ideas Claire Denis was attempting to provoke were lost on me. The editing doesn't aid comprehension. Events are revealed in fragments, hopping fitfully between past and present with no clear visual cues to signal change of time. All the characters aboard the doomed vessel, with the exception of a sweet cuddly baby, are soulless robots with no likable traits and no real arc.

The dialogue is sparse and weirdly obtuse. Binoche sometimes sounds like she doesn't quite understand the words that are coming out of her mouth. In one scene she casually boasts about her crime to the other inmates, in another she's crying about it. It makes no sense. There is no structure, no climax, no resolution, just a vain concept that goes nowhere. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I see a lot of movies. Way too many movies. So The erotic review fake reviews le obviously seen some horrible stuff.

This isn't the worst, but it's pretty close. There's no rhyme or reason to the entire movie. The lead Pattinson's Monte is an unlikeable character that lacks credibility as an actual person that The erotic review fake reviews le exist anywhere.

His redeeming trait is that he doesn't want anything from anyone. He mostly The erotic review fake reviews le to the audience and punches other characters in the face when he's not caring for a baby. The lead antagonist is an even more convoluted character.

She's a criminal? Sex freak? In charge of the mission? She collects sperm and is for some never explained reason trying to make a radiation proof baby. I think they tried The erotic review fake reviews le make her sexy, but it just comes off as disgusting. If you're looking for a super slow flick with a wailing baby and a muddled story line with no payoff at the end, then you should give the High Life a watch. Otherwise, you're better The erotic review fake reviews le drinking a High Life and playing on your phone.

TheTopDawgCritic 18 April WOW, one of the worst films I have ever seen. As I invested my time from the start of this film, The erotic review fake reviews le concluded this will either be a brilliant film, or a massive flop, and sadly, it was the latter.

All these positive critic reviews calling this an artistic film? This was a severely failed attempt of a pretentious experiment in shock and horror cinema for the wannabe artsy-fartsy crowd. And calling this a sci-fi? Putting people in a padded box and surrounding them with imagery of space and a black hole does not make this film a sci-fi. Some reviewers saying this film is a metaphor The screenplay was clearly written by someone who took too many drugs at a young age, is sexually frustrated sperm troughs and a masturbation room lol?

The plot had more issues than National Geographic. How does the first shuttle quickly go into the back hole, then fast forward to a teenager's age, and they do it again, all whilst the long mission from the beginning is to reach the black hole. And what genius launches another space ship filled with only dogs - and the smallest and cutest one survives?

No, pathetic. A kindergartener could have written a better script. The props, sets and costumes e. Let's throw some old fish tank filters in a few rooms with padded walls and we'll call it a space ship set. Oh, and an air vent that The erotic review fake reviews le a good punch to run, apparently with technology that can take a crew to a black hole. The casting was a waste of talent, and I'd avoid this film on their resume, as their bland and pointless characters were far from artistic - or even necessary.

As a parent, I ended up cringing every time the baby cried. No, annoying - and unnecessary. The almost 2 hour length felt like I lost an entire day. The pacing was ridiculously slow and anyone with A. The only redeeming qualities were the amazing score throughout the entire film, the cinematography, and the stunning visuals - the rare times when shown. This will be a forgettable film that I hate myself for watching until the end.

The movie is weird and confusing with The erotic review fake reviews le terrible ending. It feels like whole Reno strip club reviews were cut as certain parts made little sense with bad editing and I even had to read Wikipedia to fill in the gaps at times.

The acting is the strongest point but the set looks cheap, the story is strange and it's as pointless as the mission they are on. Bertaut 30 May A science fiction thriller The erotic review fake reviews le Claire Denis? The uncompromising darling of French art house cinema, adored by critics and met with general puzzlement by audiences? And it's in English?

And it stars the guy from Big juicy huge black tits ? You have to be making this up. Not at all. However, The erotic review fake reviews le intriguing as that may sound, it's a deceptive overview. Yes, it is Denis's first English-language film, and yes, it is set in space, but it's a science fiction film in name only, and has more in common The erotic review fake reviews le A Space Odyssey and Solyaris than with anything in the Star Trek or Star Wars franchises.

And just for the record, the guy from Twilight has developed one of the most eclectic recent CVs Tamil girls sexy selfe any actor in Hollywood. The long and short of it is that Denis has not sold out, and High Life is as multiplex-friendly as anything in her oeuvre which is to say, not in the slightestcovering several of her more familiar themes - the darker aspects of desire; the notion of being an outcast; parenthood; the inescapability of death; the beauty of the human body; the relationship between violence and sexuality.

The presence of Robert Pattinson will probably draw in a lot of unsuspecting folks, who will have The erotic review fake reviews le idea what to make of Denis's slowly paced existential musings, resulting in a slew of "worst film ever" reviews. But although it's not Denis's best that remains either Beau travail or Les salaudsit's a fascinatingly poetic and original film that is utterly uncategorisable - a space thriller about a mission collapsing in on itself; an ecological allegory positing that we don't have a huge amount of time left to save the planet; an analysis of the psychological ramifications of long-term incarceration; an The erotic review fake reviews le skin flick obsessed with bodily fluids; a metaphor for the perils of imperialism; a fable on the subject of paternity; a story about loneliness and grief; a literalisation of the premise that no amount of evolution, philosophy, or esotericism can ever change the fact that we're biological organisms controlled by our sexual yearnings and impulse to procreate - desire will always trump the social contract; we can place as much artificial limitation on our carnality as we want, but ultimately, desire will betray us.

Like I say, very multiplex-friendly. Deep space. On an unnamed ship marked only with the number 7, Monte Pattinson lives alone with his baby daughter Willow Scarlett Lindsey. However, this wasn't always the case, and as the film begins, Monte is releasing the bodies of his deceased crewmates into the void of space. How this situation came to pass is revealed via an achronological flashback narrative structure. A group of death row were offered a pardon if they undertook a mission to investigate the viability of the "Penrose Process" - a theory developed by Sir Roger Penrose whereby energy could be extracted from the area close to a black hole.

However, the groups' de facto leader, Dr. Dibs an ethereal Juliette Binoche oozing uninhibited sexuality from every porea criminal herself, is using the journey to conduct biological experiments on the crew; harvesting the men's semen and attempting to artificially inseminate the women.

Monte, however, refuses to comply, arguing that his chastity gives him strength. His obstinacy fascinates Dibs, who determines to get a sample from him by any means necessary.

High Life, written in French by Denis and her regular writing partner Jean-Pol Fargeau in and translated into English by Geoff Coxbegins with The erotic review fake reviews le shots of lush vegetation, The erotic review fake reviews le slowly revealing we're seeing a garden on a spaceship, surrounded by and subservient to technology.

We then hear a baby crying. This opening, mixing vegetation, technology, and biology, signals both the film's tone and demonstrates the economy of Denis's visual language, telling us much of what we need to know about The erotic review fake reviews le upcoming film. Denis and director of photography Yorick Le Saux employ similarly precise storytelling tools in shooting everything on the spaceship on HD video, whereas the few scenes on Earth are shot on 16mm - this gives the space scenes a sleek polished sheen, whilst the Earth material looks grainy and gritty, more lived in, setting up an instant visual contrast.

I'd The erotic review fake reviews le be remiss whilst discussing the film's aesthetics, if I didn't mention the very energetic masturbation scene with Dibs.

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