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  1. I see a bitch getting fucked but what I don't see is a wedding ring to call her wife

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Leather Skirt. Mini Dress. Emily Stern. Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. First two are from a play she was in off Broadway It closed before it opened. Howie convinced her to quit due tot he possibility of nude pics of her from the play would get out on the WWW. Is pic 3 suppose to be the same girl as the first Nude pictures of emily stern This just don't make sense to me.

Emily is kinda hot. Anyways, I think that whole Broadway Play in the Nude rumor is just that. I've seen the video of her on Big Boys, or Break as they now call it for whatever reason, and I never saw any t Nude pictures of emily stern a. Anyone think that this was all Nude pictures of emily stern to get her career some publicity? Her father is the champ at something like this. Who even knew she was an actress before this ruse? I'm surprised Howard hasn't had her on his show and asked her about her lesbian encounters.

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I would do her just to call Howard and say I did Quote: Is pic 3 suppose to be the same girl as the first 2? Yes that is her in the third pic She dyed her hair for the play Previous Topic. Next Topic. Print Topic. Switch to Threaded Mode. View profile. Send a PM. Add to your Watched Users. View posts.

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