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I had previously submitted a JackinWorld Biographybut the story was unfinished — just covering early years in detail with a smattering of info from college on. I would now like Masturbation clubs in bay area relate further on my college years and Bill and mandy hentia lesbian. My freshman year was my first time away from home for an extended period.

As a daily masturbator facing a Masturbation clubs in bay area of living in a small room with another person in a very large dorm, I was wondering what was going to happen. Well, my roomie was a jerk. Not only was he not at all compatible with me, he was obsessive-compulsive about the floor being unsanitary, so the room constantly smelled of Lysol.

Luckily, he got along with another fellow down the hall and Costa rica girl snapchat got along with that fellow's roomie, so we switched rooms after two weeks.

One week into the new room and late at night I heard a familiar sound emanating from my new roommate's bed across the room. He was masturbating under the covers. I decided to take my chance and I, too, began to masturbate, making sure it was audible. Shortly after I started, my roommate whispered, Masturbation clubs in bay area doing? Nothing was said about it the next day, but the following night we repeated. That next night I noticed that he didn't put on any pajamas when he went to bed.

As I always had slept nude as a teen, I left my PJs in the drawer as well and slept naked. We kept the lights on and talked for a while, and I took the opportunity Masturbation clubs in bay area fondle myself under the sheets as we talked.

I then brought up masturbation, telling him it was fine by me if he did it out Masturbation clubs in bay area the open and I hoped he wouldn't mind if I did, too. He agreed, and from that point on we had nightly sessions on top of the sheets looking at each other go at it from across the room.

One night after a hall beer bash, our inhibitions dropped and I joined him in his bed masturbating. Five minutes into that session he reached over and started to fondle me. I reciprocated, and after that time we occasionally had mutual sessions in the same bed.

We also experimented quite a few times with mutual oral stimulation. He was my roommate for the next two years and our escapades and experimentation continued. Over that two-year period I began to realize that I had no desire to be with or have sex with women, Masturbation clubs in bay area I began to wonder if I was gay.

My senior year I Masturbation clubs in bay area to another college and was lucky to get one of the few single rooms available in an all-seniors dormitory. My major was German, and I was thinking of going into teaching.

This meant that I had to be a teaching assistant for freshmen taking German. I found I had spare time and started to tutor a couple of students as well in order to get a little extra "beer money.

We usually had the tutoring sessions in my dorm room. One day late in the fall was an "Indian summer" day and I was expecting him over that evening for a tutoring session.

My window faced the west and my room was at least 85 degrees when he arrived. He came in and took his usual spot, lying across my bed with me at my Masturbation clubs in bay area by my desk. This was in the early 80s when extremely short cut-off jeans were still Goteborg massage gratis erotika style for shorts. As we were studying, I noticed that his penis had flopped out of his shorts and was clearly visible.

This caused me to get a very noticeable erection, and when I stood up at one point I saw him looking right at it. This in turn caused him to get erect. Taking a chance, I reached over and grabbed his erection. He sort of froze for a second, then lay back and undid his shorts and let me masturbate him. I undid my shorts, exposing myself, and he in turn started to masturbate Nice butt and breast nude. This was all done with neither Masturbation clubs in bay area of us saying a word.

We both ejaculated in large volumes almost simultaneously, cleaned up, and put our pants back on, and then continued with the tutoring as if nothing had ever happened. Not a word was mentioned about this between the two of us for weeks afterward, until one night, after we had gone out Sugar mummy xx big ass some beers, we ended up back at my room. He brought up our little session, mentioning he'd like to try it again sometimes.

Within 10 minutes we were both stark naked, lying in my bed masturbating each other. After we finished I told him that whenever he felt like it he could come on over so we could enjoy the pleasures of masturbating together.

This turned into a Sunday night tradition, and like with my former roommate, we experimented with oral sex as well. Considering we were at a very conservative Christian college, it's a wonder that this ever occurred — especially every Sunday! That whole year and for Masturbation clubs in bay area next year, I was still wrestling with myself on whether I was Masturbation clubs in bay area or not.

My desire for women was nil; all my masturbation fantasies revolved around men and Virgins girls first time sex stories. After Masturbation clubs in bay area I found myself back living with my parents, sorely missing my masturbation sessions with my friend and my former roommate at my old college. Solo masturbation was getting to be boring, and I found myself doing it less because the "thrill was gone.

I waited until my parents were gone for a weekend and drove down on a Saturday night. When I walked through Masturbation clubs in bay area door of that bar, I was literally shaking like a leaf. Did this mean I really was gay? I was scared to death at the implications. I sat at the bar, and in my nervous state I began to pound down beers like there was no tomorrow.

This, of course, meant that soon I had to urinate. I staggered from my stool toward the restroom. I entered — it was quite dark — and approached the trough-style urinal. As I was standing there relieving myself, an older gentleman approached the urinal and stood next to me. He unzipped and my eyes wandered down toward his crotch.

He noticed, smiled, and much to my surprise was erect within seconds and was masturbating. I too became erect and started to masturbate. Thoughts raced through my head — is this what being gay is Masturbation clubs in bay area about? Masturbating at urinals in bars? What had become of me?

I quickly ejaculated, smiled at the gentleman, and left him standing there, erection Masturbation clubs in bay area hand. An overwhelming feeling of guilt and depression came over me. After downing at least 4 more beers I ran from the bar out to my car in tears.

There I sat and cried until I passed out. The next morning I awoke lying in the front seat alone in the parking lot. Hung over and still depressed, I drove home and slept off the hangover until noon.

When I awoke, I called information and got the phone number for my roommate from my freshman through junior years and called him. He wasn't home, but I left a message. That evening he called back, and we spent a good 3 hours on the phone talking about all the good times we had.

I brought up our masturbation sessions, and we even ended up doing a little phone sex. What I really wanted to tell him was that I was gay and in love with him and wanted him near me all the time, for the rest of my life — but I couldn't bring myself to say it. I ended up calling him almost Masturbation clubs in bay area night for the next week, and each night at some point in the conversation I would say, "I took off all my clothes and I'm masturbating.

Finally on Thursday evening he said, "Look, I really like talking to you, but this is getting ridiculous! What is going on with you? He slammed down the phone and refused to take any more of my calls. I haven't heard from him Masturbation clubs in bay area this day. I continued to return to the gay bar almost every weekend, and each week it was the same old story. I would walk up to the urinal, wait for someone to stand next to me, and start masturbating. Usually, Masturbation clubs in bay area other person would start as well and I'd ejaculate and walk away.

A few times I got looks of disgust. Once I got yelled at. More often, however, the other person and I would retreat to a stall for mutual pleasures.

None of my friends knew I was doing this, and certainly not my family! My depression got worse, and soon I was fired from my job for missing too much work. My parents were hounding me to go to grad school. Life in general was miserable.

I then decided I had to get away from it all. Where else to go but San Francisco! I enrolled in a grad school in the Bay Area and headed west. I rented a two-bedroom apartment and started the search for a roommate. I soon found another student to share Masturbation clubs in bay area apartment with — he was from Japan and getting his advanced degree in teaching English as a Second Language. My masturbation sessions were again alone in my bedroom, and at this point I decided to deal with the boredom of "fisting" my erection every night and try different techniques.

Backhanded with my left hand while fondling my scrotum with my right became a favorite. I purchased a vibrating dildo at a porn shop and started to experiment with anal stimulation as well.

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